In partnership is the only way Exum knows how to work.  Whether a supplier or a client, we work hard to find solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Academic & Industry

Exum has partnered with leading technical experts to validate the analytical abilities of the Massbox.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners Elemental Scientific Lasers (ESL), formerly New Wave Research, and TOFwerks, to develop, validate, and create the best analytical platform.


Exum seeks out industry-leading partners to help develop components of our tools that stand up to the rigor of daily use in a variety of applications.

By constantly communicating and meeting with our providers, we continually improve our tools, while reducing the financial impacts to the end-user. Success comes from a partnership with all those involved.

Our Partners

Elemental Scientific Lasers

ESL builds best in class laser ablation systems for ICP-MS. They have years of Laser system and Optic design as well as analytical expertise making them invaluable industry partners.

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TOFWerks builds, by far and away, the best Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers in the world. We are proud to build off of this highly capable platform.

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Free Radical Ventures

Led by Jim Thorson, Free Radical Ventures is constantly investing in leading tech in both the hardware and software space. Jim's belief and trust in what Exum is building is a large reason for our success to date.

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