Mass spectrometer

The Massbox brings mass spectrometry out of the traditional laboratory environment. It combines high performance with intuitive operations into a compact package. Finally, a tool that can be easily deployed and employed by the entire team.

Massbox for the people

The Massbox is capable of trace-level detection for virtually the entire periodic table

Quantifiable chemical mapping for measuring spatial heterogeneity and depth profiling

Desktop portable, plug and play ready

Routine maintenance reduced to annual maintenance

Ultra-low consumable requirement equates to low operational costs

Easy-to-use interface for analysis, data processing, and storage

Sustained stability over multiple months, eliminates the need for daily calibration

Massbox Hardware

The Massbox simplifies solid sample analysis using Laser Ablation Laser Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (LALI-TOF-MS).

The Massbox combines Exum's patented, dual-laser (LALI) ionization source with industry-leading Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass analyzer. LALI utilizes one laser to remove material from a solid sample and a second laser to subsequently ionize neutrals. This process removes many of the elemental fractionation, spectral interferences, and matrix effects that plague other techniques. The wavelength and power of the first laser can be selected to accommodate both ablations for inorganic elemental analysis or desorption, for organic analysis.

Massbox Software

We believe you should spend more time learning from your data, rather than acquiring it.

By applying the lessons and sensibilities of the mobile application market, Exum has designed a software package unlike any other. A cloud-based data storage system means your data is available anywhere in the world instantly.

Our interface is built with your perspective in mind. Let us handle the setup and calibration, you put your sample in, choose your analysis locations, and press GO!

The data you need, closer than ever.

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Exum's use of the LALI method in its Massbox instrument is very promising and exciting for solid sample analysis. Combining the low-detection capabilities with intuitive, seamless operations, this technology addresses application limitations in other instrumental techniques.

Robert Thomas

Principal Consultant at Scientific Solutions

The Massbox is an incredible and transformational analytical platform, and every materials lab should have one.

John Keogh PhD

Director of Engineering, LIFT

Traditional analytical instruments were not cost and time effective to analyze our materials. Exum's tool enables high-throughput analysis of both our feedstock powder and printed parts to significantly boost our quality assurance and R&D turnaround.

Jeremy Iten

Chief Technology Officer, Elementum3D

Massbox specifications

Detection limits down to 100s of ppb (application and element dependent)

Straightforward quantification from clean mass spectra and isotopic elemental verification

Elemental Mapping up to an 83-mm-by-83-mm area with 5–200-micron resolution

Depth profiling of less than 100 nm per laser shot

Instrument size: 24" (width) x 30" (length) x 27" (height)

High vacuum environment after samples are loaded; options for air-free sample transfer

20,000Th Mass range

High-throughput analysis of up to 16 samples (size dependent) in the same session

Scientific tools of tomorrow.

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