Simplifying solid material characterization.

The Massbox

Enabling materials scientists and engineers to spend less time acquiring data and more time learning from it, Exum builds instruments and software ecosystems that combine high performance with ease-of-use.

Intuitive Interface

Our tools are built with the optimal user experience in mind—designed to be as easy to use as your smartphone.

High impact tech

We capture the capabilities, precision, and accuracy of a lab’s worth of equipment into one centralized instrument.

solid sample analysis

By directly analyzing any solid material, Massbox eliminates the complicated sample preparation procedures required by other techniques.

Affordable and Efficient

We have optimized the speed in which the tool is operated, samples are analyzed, and reports are produced.

for humans

Jeffrey Williams, Founder

Led by Jeff Williams, an analytical chemist and instrument designer, Exum takes a novel approach to instrument design. With a focus on user experience, instrument capability, and cost accessibility, Jeff’s vision is changing the way we analyze and action data.

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Your data in your hands

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