Material Research and development

The Massbox is an ideal tool to rapidly execute quality control and significantly boost materials research and development. With such an intuitive analytical process, you’ll want to bring chemical characterization in-house–even if you currently outsource it.

How the Massbox can be Utilized

Through industry and government partnerships, we have developed several materials characterization applications, especially those relating to additive manufacturing.

Feedstock characterization

Currently for additive manufacturing, feedstock chemical characterization requires multiple techniques and industry standards. Instead, Massbox provides full characterization in minutes.

Reverse engineering

Each quasi-non-destructive analytical session can provide trace-level detection capabilities for virtually the entire periodic table, giving you a full picture of any solid material’s constituents.

Elemental mapping

To investigate oxide formation, corrosion, chemical inclusions, or other failure mechanisms of your material, Massbox offers micron-level resolution chemical mapping of up to ~3” by ~3”, and depth profiling of ~1”. Digital thread.

Digital thread

Support the digital thread of part or process qualification by performing rapid, high-sensitivity chemical characterization throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

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Other Applications

mining / oil + Gas

From hydrocarbon extraction to rare earth mineral exploration, scientists and engineers require the characterization of rocks. Massbox offers full quantification in a compact, robust package that can be deployed in a field office.

battery research

To meet growing energy storage needs, scientists work to improve both lead and lithium-ion battery technology. Because Massbox can measure and map both lithium and metallic elements, it is an ideal instrument to support battery research.


For nuclear safegaurds and treaty verification applications, Massbox quantifies both major nuclear elements as well as trace elemental components. Plus, its portable design brings analyses to the test sites, removing the need to ship nuclear samples.

Food & Beverage

The safety and authenticity of consumer products is of top priority.  The Massbox can facilitate quality control of each product prior to shipping to ensure health risks are caught before being introduced to the population.

environmental science

From measuring dangerous levels of contaminants to maximizing recycled materials, scientists analyze solid samples for a variety of reasons. Massbox is an effective tool for high-sensitivity testing of complicated environmental materials.


Whether a small local college or a large research institution, robust measurement tools are needed for both classroom settings as well as working Research and Development laboratories.

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