April 26, 2020

LCGC Recognizes the Massbox as One of the New Innovative Products of the Year

This article originally appeared on chromatographyonline.com

Apr 01, 2020
By Michael W. Dong

LCGC Europe

Volume 33, Issue 4, pg 193–200

Mass Spectrometers

The marketing landscape for massspectrometry (MS) instruments has been described elsewhere (1). There is no slowing down of new MS introductions this year as manufacturers continued to upgrade their product offerings in high-resolution, hybrid, and tribrid MS—such as time-of-flight (TOF), quadrupole-TOF (Q-TOF), and orbital trap systems. Also, there are more offerings in compact MS instruments with unit resolution such as single-quadrupole (SQ), triple-quadrupole (TQ), and ion mobility MS (IMS) (1,3). There are also newer startup companies focusing on unique application systems such as analyzers for fermentation media or solid-sampling.

Exum Instruments Massbox

Exum introduced the new Massbox,which couples a TOF MS instrument with a mass range of 1000 to 14,000 with an innovative laser ablation ionization system for solid sampling.

About Exum

Exum builds instruments and software ecosystems to increase the speed of development and discovery, offering easy access to high-performance at a low-cost.

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