June 9, 2023

Exum Attends Back-to-Back Conferences

Exum is a proud silver sponsor of NAWLA (North American Workshop on Laser Ablation). This workshop is meant to provide a platform in which world leaders in their respective LA-ICPMS-based research fields can convey their expertise and knowledge in a more informal and interactive setting with participants.
Stop by the booth to see the demo Massbox in action. Follow the bright blue light- ya can't miss it!
June 5-9, University of Notre Dame

Exum will present "An Innovative Technique for Rapid Chemical Characterization" at The National Association for Surface Finishing's SUR/FIN Expo. Here, you'll find business leaders, visionary thinkers, and the who’s who of the industry delving into pressing issues and exploring the latest cutting-edge technologies.
June 7, Cleveland, OH

We hope to see you around!

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