The Massbox brings organic and inorganic quantification where you need it. Finally, a tool that can be easily deployed and employed by the entire team.

Massbox for the people

The Massbox is capable of both inorganic and organic analysis in the same analytical session

Quantifiable mapping without the need for matrix-matched standards

Desktop portable, plug and play ready

Routine maintenance reduced to annual maintenance

Ultra-low consumable requirement equates to low operational costs

Easy-to-use interface for analysis, data processing, and storage

Sustained stability over multiple months, eliminates the need for daily calibration

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Massbox Hardware

The Massbox is the first Laser Ablation Laser Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (LALI-TOF-MS) instrument on the market.

The Massbox utilizes one laser to remove material from a solid sample and a second laser to subsequently ionize neutrals. The wavelength and power of the first laser can be selected to accommodate both ablations for inorganic elemental analysis or desorption, for organic analysis. The Massbox removes much of the matrix effects that plague other techniques and allows quantitative analysis across heterogenous matrices without matrix-matched reference standards.

Massbox Software

We believe you should spend more time learning from your data, rather than acquiring it.

By applying the lessons and sensibilities of the mobile application market, Exum has designed a software package unlike any other. A cloud-based data storage system means your data is available anywhere in the world instantly.

Our interface is built with your perspective in mind. Let us handle the setup and calibration, you put your sample in, choose your analysis locations, and press GO!

The data you need, closer than ever.

Explore Results

Exum's use of the LALI method in its Massbox instrument is very promising and exciting for solid sample analysis. Combining the low-detection capabilities with intuitive, seamless operations, this technology addresses application limitations in other instrumental techniques.

Robert Thomas

Principal Consultant at Scientific Solutions

Massbox Capability

The Massbox is capable of measuring any sample you can throw at it, such as:




biological materials


+ More

Massbox Specs:

The Massbox can reach very low limits of detection

Industry-leading repeatability of measurements

Quantify multiple matrices from a single standard

50 Hz raster mapping in both inorganic or organic analysis

Spot sizes down to 1µm

Configurable mass resolution on par with popular ICPMS instruments

20,000Th Mass range

Analyze up to nine samples in the same analytical session


oil + Gas

Assessment of drilled cuttings, cored rock, and sampled fluids at the outcrop, on the rig or in the office.  Make the decisions that matter to better explore, develop and produce.

Lab analysis

Whatever material your team needs to be evaluated, the Massbox allows anyone to quickly complete these measurements and begin driving solutions.


As in any quickly evolving industry or product, quality control and variability need to be understood on a daily basis.  Massbox lets the manufacturer and developer make regular adaptations and tweaks to win the market.

Food & Beverage

The safety of products being consumed by us is of top priority.  The Massbox allows every product to be quality controlled prior to shipping to ensure health risks are caught before being introduced to the population.


The smallest changes in drugs can have huge impacts on an individual's safety. Massbox lets every drug be assessed for its components, keeping dangers out of the general public and helping folks heal faster.


Whether a small local college or an Ivy League school, robust measurement tools are needed for both class settings as well as in all Research and Development laboratories.


The rock is all the matters in mining, and the Massbox lets you make on-site assessments for steering both exploration drilling and full mining operations.


No matter what your team is manufacturing, the Massbox can be installed in the production process to double-check that things are coming together as you planned.

Scientific tools of tomorrow

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